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COB Linear Lighting the market demand for LED light source performance gradually increases, the pursuit of high quality, high luminous efficacy, high cost performance, the emergence of flip-chip COB light source appropriately meets this kind of market demand.

COB LED strip is a kind of LED flex strip that the flip-chip is directly fixed on the flex FPC, which directly encapsulates flip-chip as lighting application with different color and color temperature without the bracket and gold wire needed for LED encapsulation.

The combination of SMT technology and LED encapsulation technology is conducive to realize full automation and high efficiency of production line.

daylight Flexi led strip

welded on FPC

The chip is directly welded on FPC, which has low thermal resistance and good heat dissipation, without the influence of the silver plating layer of the bracket, and the problems of vulcanization and oxidation are solved.

Without the gold wire, the product will not be affected by the damp, high temperature, and the risk of the dead LED bead caused by broken gold wire, so as to achieve high reliability, high life of the product.

Flip-chip COB light source is one of the development trends in the next few years.

Cerian is manufacturer complete COB full-automatic production line, Cerian has absolute lead in COB product research and development, quality control and production process for australian market.

COB linear lighting LED strip production line of Cerian is rich in combination, we can provide customized services. Specific features of the product as follow:

  •  High CRI, uniform luminance.
  • Warranty of 3-5 years or 130-22, 000 hours.
  • Flip chip encapsulation, low attenuation, good heat dissipation, long life.
  •  Linear lighting without light spot, good consistency.
  • Anti vulcanization.
  • Can be used with linear fixture profile with arbitrary height.
  •  Wide beam angle, up to 140°.
Blue Flexi led strip
Excellent linear lighting without light spot

  linear lighting LED strips from Cerian positioning in high-end, with high CRI of 90.

Warranty of 3-5 years. With recommended width of 8mm and 10mm, recommended color temperature of 3000K, 4000K, 6500K, voltage of 24V.

There are optional quantity of 320 LEDs, 512 LEDs, 720 LEDs per meter in our products. Due to its unique technical advantages, COB linear lighting LED strips can be widely used in commercial lighting, linear lighting and high-end display lighting,

Such as the main lighting or decorative lighting in hotel, shopping mall, chain stores, home and other places.

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