Flexi Red COB Strip lights

Product Number:EOL.CE.STC24.12-R
Product Number:EOL.CE.STC24.12-R

$ 70.00

  • EUR: € 41.95


Red Flexi LED COB strip lights 12W/m, 24VDC.

Red COB Flexi led strip lights, linear luminescence without light spot, 140 beam angle, high brightness and CRI >90,

low attenuation and fast heat dissipation, long life.

high quality industrial silicone glue, bright colour with soft light and high light transmittance.

5000*10mm, 2560 pcs 10W COB LEDs, Red, bare board series, constant voltage 24Vdc, flexible LED strip 3M back tape, used with Aluminium profile.

Suitable for indoor use as decorative lighting, such as corner decoration and contour lighting, shopping mall, cabinet and etc.

Parent SKU: EOL.CE.STC24

Red Flexi led strip installation note:

  • Clean the mounting surface
  • Calculate the needed length and cut off the extra length along cutting mark if necessary; if need to add wires, please weld them at the next location with printed mark.
  •  While sticking strips, peel off the release paper of the tape step by step. Don’t peel off all release paper at one time to avoid getting your strip in a mess.

Notes: No pressing the LED bead!

High-density COB LEDs;

  •  Linear lighting, without light spot, soft and uniform luminance ;
  •  High CRIhigh brightness and high efficiency;
  • Must be used with Aluminum  profile;
  • High temperature resistance , long life;
  • Luminous surface width of 4.0±0.2mm;
Wattage 12W/m CRI 90
diameter 5000*10mm Frequency 50/60Hz
number of LEDs 512/m Input Voltage 24VDC
IP Rated 20 Material  colden wire pcb
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