Alatree DLC20 10W CCT3 led downlight

Product Number:EOL.CE.DLC20-10

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Product Number:EOL.CE.DLC20-10

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LED recessed 10W downlight anti-glare flat frame fully dimmable 3CCT changeable

Dimmable 10w led downlight, new design sydney

Infact. Our new downlights sydney that we made with consideration of good light is a good live. Therefore we are sure that to producing led in long lasting and good efficiency.

However. We are using very excellent component and material in nice design to reach out our client satisfactions rate, because we are willing build a good relationship, trust and reputation with our clients and partners. Furthermore.

We made new 10W dimmable led downlight, insuring flexibility to choose your lighting mode in the area that you use.

Therefore. You can turn the lights level up when you need more light and turn the lights level down when you need less brightness, by using trailing edge dimmer switch or any other lighting control systems.

Secondly. We produce high quality 10w led downlight materials in our factory, as we use fire rated nylon mixed with aluminium, making sure the heat is spread evenly throughout led lights. Because we know the heat can affect the lifespan of the leds products.

Most importantly, our new flicker free lighting products, that insure your eyes more safer from the lighting flickering, and makes the led downlight dimmability, works better up and down the lighting levels.

lastly. We also designed a special guid, on how to choose your suitable lighting products for your project. For more read here.

round recessed anti glare downlight is suitable for all applications ( residencial, commercial, industrial ), indoor and outdoor , the new CERIAN light that we made is rated as IP44 for more for suitability in all areas.


Brand: Cerian
Parent SKU: EOL.CE.DLC20

Input Voltage AC220-240V Tri-Colour Changeable Yes
Dimension 108mmx68mm Colour Temp 3000K-4000K-6000K
Luminous 800-950LM Cutout 90mm
Dimmable Yes through APP CRI 80
Working Temp -20C to 65C Power Factor 0.9, Flicker Free
IP Rated 44 Beam Angle 120
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