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CRI is the measurement of light in relation to how the lighting affects the appearance of colour in the surrounding area. The range has a direct correlation to the ‘temperature’ of a light also it’s effect on everything around it.

The Colour Rendering Index & Lighting

The type of light bulb you use in your home could have a profound effect on the way a room looks. This is often attributed to something known as the colour rendering index. Also referred to as CRI, this index measures the ability of a light source to reveal colours of objects in contrast to a natural light source, such as the sun filtering in through your windows.

This range can also depend on the “temperature” of the light. For example, lighting temperatures can range from infrared light to the kind coming from a skylight, all the way to ultraviolet light. Ideally, you want to use lighting that will best illuminate each room depending on your needs.

Understanding the Colour Rendering Index Chart

Every type of lighting has its place on what’s known as the colour rendering index chart. This chart measures a scale from 0 to 100, depending on how accurately it can produce light that matches a naturally referenced light source, such as the sun.

In general, bulbs at the higher end of the scale will produce a more accurate colour rendering of the objects around it. This can be vital for use in things like photography or lighting used in a museum setting. But it can also affect you and your home. It’s best to choose bulbs that will make your surroundings clear, bright, and as close to how they would appear in an outdoor, natural setting.

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