COB Linear Lighting LED Strip

January 6, 2023

COB Linear Lighting the market demand for LED light source performance gradually increases, the pursuit of high quality, high luminous efficacy, high cost performance, the emergence of flip-chip COB light source appropriately meets this kind of market demand. COB LED strip is a kind of LED flex strip that the flip-chip is directly fixed on

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IP65 led strip light

Advantages Of COB Flexible Strip light

January 20, 2022

  Advantages COB Flexible Light Belt Products With the gradual maturity of LED COB Flexible Strip light technology, users have higher and higher requirements for the stability and reliability of LED lighting products. Under the same conditions, it is even more required that products can achieve better energy efficiency, lower energy consumption, and more competitive

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leds lighting

Improve the Accuracy of the LED Flux Testing in the Sphere

September 2, 2021

According to the particularity of LED luminous flux measurement, unique optimization is adopted in the design of the integrating sphere for LED measurement combined with the diffuse materials of high reflectivity, which makes the system stability and accuracy have great improvement. The experimental results show that the system stability and consistency is much higher than

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